Nigerian Painter Awarded $625,000 MacArthur Fellowship “Genius Grant”

 Nigerian Painter Awarded $625,000 MacArthur Fellowship “Genius Grant”

Njideka Akunyili-Crosby, a painter and daughter of the late Nigerian minister, Dora Akunyili, has been awarded the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship.
Ms. Akunyili-Crosby was described by the foundation as “a figurative painter whose large-scale works express the hybridity characteristic of transnational experience through choices of subject matter, materials, and techniques.”

The fellowship, which is also referred to as the Genius Grant, awards $625,000 to artists, writers, teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and people from all works of life, that have shown exceptional creativity.
The grant is doled out in quarterly installments, made over a period of five years. Amongst past recipients is writer Chimamanda Adichie who received the grant in 2008.

The 24 recipients of the 2017 MacArthur Fellowship are:
• Njideka Akunyili Crowsby – Painter
• Sunil Amrith – Historian
• Greg Asbed – Human Rights Strategist
• Annie Baker – Playwright
• Regina Barzilay – Computer Scientist
• Dawoud Bey – Photographer and Educator
• Emmanuel Candes – Mathematician and Statistician
• Jason De Leon -Anthropologist
• Rhiannon Giddens – Singer, Instrumentalist & Songwriter
• Nikole Hannah-Jones – Journalist
• Cristina Jimenez Moreta – Social Justice Organizer
• Taylor Mac – Theater Artist
• Ramir Nashashibi – Community Leader
• Viet Thanh Nguyen – Fiction Writer & Culture Critic
• Kate Orff – Landscape Architect
• Trevor Paglen – Artist and Geographer
• Betsy Levy Paluck – Psychologist
• Derek Paterson – Historian
• Damon Rich – Designer & Urban Planner
• Stefan Savage – Computer Scientist
• Yuval Sharon – Opera Director & Producer
• Tyshawn Sorey – Composer & Musician
• Gabriel Victora – Immunologist
• Jesmyn Ward – Fiction Writer

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