Nigerian Police withdraw officers attached to VIPs

 Nigerian Police withdraw officers attached to VIPs

Nigeria Police Force Tuesday said it will withdraw its personnel attached to ‘very important persons’ (VIPs) before and during the 2019 general elections.

Although there are no specific figures of police officers attached to VIPs in the country, the Force said the withdrawal will enable it to have enough personnel during the election.

“We will be withdrawing our personnel attached to VIPs to achieve 2 things,” the Nigerian police tweeted.

It will enable us have enough pool of personnel for deployment and…having policemen attached to Politicians and VIPs may want to give them undue advantage over others which we won’t allow.”

The Nigeria police, which has been accused of being bias at the polls, said withdrawing its personnel will enhanced its neutrality during the elections.

The 2019 Nigeria general election begins Saturday, February 16 with the presidential and National Assembly elections across 36 states of the country.

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