NNPCL intensifies anti-theft battle as oil output declines

As the nation’s oil production continues to decline, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited is intensifying its efforts to prevent oil theft in the Niger Delta, according to OPEOLUWANI AKINTAYO.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited reported in July that it had discovered 162 unauthorised pipeline connections and illicit refineries in the Niger Delta, principally in Bayelsa State, as part of its war against crude oil theft in the nation.

The state-owned oil company claimed in a two-minute documentary that between July 15 and July 21, 93 illegal pipeline connections and 69 illicit refineries were discovered in Aboa and Gbokoda and had been destroyed.

“War on crude oil theft: 93 illegal pipeline connections discovered and 69 illegal refineries destroyed in the Niger Delta in the past week,” the business reported.

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