No Request For 100 Percent Tariff Increase -NERC

 No Request For 100 Percent Tariff Increase -NERC

NERC-Logo-1050x700The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) Wednesday said that it had not receive any request from 100 per cent tariff increase.
A statement of its Head, Media Unit, Michael Faloseyi, said the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) Wednesday said that it was not contemplating any tariff increase as none of the industry operators is pressing for 100 per cent increase in electricity tariff.
This clarification, according to the statement was due to the is coming on a media report (not in The Nation) that created the impression that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) is considering applications from electricity distribution companies requesting for 100 per cent increase in electricity tariff.
The statement reads: “Contrary to this wild and speculative media report, NERC has not received any request for 100 per cent increase in tariff from any electricity industry operator as most of them are at this moment pre-occupied with the challenges of improvement in service delivery imposed on them by the existing tariff regime.
“The Commission as well as the industry is responsible enough to appreciate the state of the economy, level of power generation, how Nigerians are coping and would, therefore, not make any decision that could further aggravate the challenges faced by the power sector and the economy.
“Critical stakeholders in the economy are further advised not to be quick in joining the fray by reacting to baseless media speculation thereby lending credence to rumours and wild imaginations.”


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