Obaseki Eulogises Peter Ena­horo, Extols His Contributions To Nat’l Devt

 Obaseki Eulogises Peter Ena­horo, Extols His Contributions To Nat’l Devt

Similarly, the Edo State governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has mourned the passing of foremost jour­nalist, Peter Enahoro, de­scribing him as a “national treasure”.

In a statement, the gov­ernor said Enahoro made “insightful and critical commentary on the Nigeri­an nation and its march to a free, fair and just society.”

According to him, “I am deeply pained by the news of the passing of renowned journalist and scribe, Peter Enahoro, self-styled ‘Peter Pan’ in his newspaper col­umn, where he made in­sightful and critical com­mentary on the Nigerian nation and its march to a free, fair and just society.

“Pa Enahoro, who hails from Uromi, in Edo State, was sired by a lineage of po­litically-conscious parents and as he grew older, he made a lasting imprint on journalism practice in Ni­geria and internationally.

“He ventured into jour­nalism at an early age and rose rapidly to the highest positions in the field in the 1960s, becoming the Editor of Sunday Times at 23 years and then Editor of Daily Times in 1966.”

He added: “Pa Enahoro conquered the local scene and launched an impressive international journalism stint that heavily impacted how the outer world views and understands the com­plexities of Nigeria today.

“A quintessential colum­nist, his takes on Nigeria’s pressing and nagging is­sues were deeply thought-out and poignant, a reflec­tion of his very matured political opinions as well as critical views of those in power at various times in the history of the country.

“He can be rightly de­scribed as a national trea­sure, who secured his place in history in the feisty early years of Nigeria’s nation­hood. Working as a newspa­per editor, he spared none of the Premiers of Nige­ria’s three regions at the time in his satirical pieces – he would engage in gutsy debates with the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ah­madu Bello; spar with the Premier of Western Nige­ria, Ladoke Akintola, on topical issues and Dr. Mi­chael Okpara of Eastern Nigeria was not left out.

“Pa Enaharo later went into self-imposed exile for about 13 years, during which time he worked at reputable international publications, bringing is­sues bedevilling Nigeria to the attention of the global community.

“He was a cerebral jour­nalist, who deployed his in­tellect in the service of the country, providing and nur­turing the space for healthy debates on national policies that impact the lives of the people.”

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