Operation Lafiya Dole’ destroys terrorists’ Camp in Borno State

 Operation Lafiya Dole’ destroys terrorists’ Camp in Borno State

The Air Task Force of Operation LAFIYA DOLE yesterday, 15 July 2020, destroyed a Boko Haram Terrorists Camp and neutralized several of their fighters in massive airstrikes.

The operation was carried out on the heels of intelligence reports indicating that the settlement was one of the locations from where the BHTs launch attacks against troops’ positions and villages around the general area of Kumshe. Aerial surveillance missions also confirmed the heavy presence of a large number of BHTs in the settlement, some of whom were seen slinging their rifles.

According to a statement from the Defence Headquarters, the Air Task Force launched coordinated attacks on the various targets within the settlement, employing an enhanced force package of Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter jets and helicopter gunships.

The attack aircraft took turns in engaging the designated locations within the settlement, scoring devastating hits that led to the destruction of several structures, including the Communication Centres, as well as the neutralization of several terrorists.

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