Oshodi Transport Interchange: LASG Hoists Oshodi Skybridge

 Oshodi Transport Interchange: LASG Hoists Oshodi Skybridge

A 53.4 meters long and six meters wide, first ever longest free standing pedestrian sky bridge in Nigeria has been hoisted in Lagos to link terminal one and two buildings at the Oshodi Transport Interchange.

At the landmark event, permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, and Project Manager say it will improve organized public transport system, increase economic and tourism values of Oshodi once known as a dirty and crime Centre.

A lot of policies are said to have been put in place to maintain the current infrastructure as Oshodi is transformed into another world class business district without leaving behind the host community.

In the days ahead,the third skywalk will be hoisted to link terminals 2 and 3 making Oshodi an international gateway for transport unions, shop owners, passengers to do business, travel and leisure in a scene environment.

13 city and intercity parks are consolidated into the 3 multi-storey bus terminals from Owonifari market, Anthony, Mushin, Mile 2 and Ikeja for motorists and passengers transport pleasure.


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