Otedola bridge fire; Lagos State Compensates Victims

 Otedola bridge fire; Lagos State Compensates Victims

Otedola bridge fireLagos State Government has began handing over items recovered from vehicles and persons rescued from the Otedola bridge Fire signaling the commencement of compensation for the victims and their families

At a multi agency press briefing today held at Kalto Baguda press center Alausa, the government says it will write to the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to have the owner of the tanker, which caused the death of 12 persons and destruction of 55 vehicles, identified as Hassan Yusuf Maiwaka prosecuted in Lagos .

The agony from the Thursday , June 28 Otedola bridge fire accident is yet to be over.
The latest on the incident is this multi agencies press briefing to unravel the mystery behind  the incident, first it commendation to the emergency responders for curtailing the fire promptly without an outbreak of a secondary incident
It was revealed that out of the 55 burnt vehicles, 42 were cars, 7 buses, 3 trucks, 2 pickups while 1 was a tricycle. 39 were registered in Lagos which was traced through the chassis numbers and government will prosecute Hassan Yusuf Maiwaka, owner of the tanker that caused the fire accident.
The representatives of the insurance company says its in support of compensation for the victims.
For the family of the victims, it was a black Thursday they wish to forget and move on with their lives as they cling to memories of lost ones.
Meanwhile Lagos state government promised to assist a father facilitate access to a mobile data capturing machine for travel arrangement of his seven year old daughter who sustained serious degrees of burns access treatment abroad.

Mariam Harun

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