Pizza Might Decrease The Risk Of Cancer

 Pizza Might Decrease The Risk Of Cancer

People eating pizza can be justified now.

According to a research published in the International Journal of Cancer, pizza eaters had a 59% lower risk of developing cancer of the oesophagus, 34% risk of getting throat cancer and 26% of colon cancer.

The research involved over 5,000 ill people with 3,315 of the number having tumours linked to the digestive system. These patients filled questionnaires on how often they ate pizza.

Although there is a general understanding of the benefits of tomatoes and tomato sauce, the researchers claim they were surprised by the link between pizza and cancer.

‘We knew that the tomatoes used in the sauce are considered to be a food that prevents certain tumours. However, we did not expect that pizza as a whole offered such high prevention against cancer’, Dr Silvano Gallus, head of the research and a researcher in the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmaceutical Research in Milan said.

Almost all pizzas contain tomato sauce. Research has shown tomatoes also contain lycopene which is a cancer-fighting agent and fights other diseases. They have also shown that lycopene is best when processed.

Tolani Giwa

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