Police Arrests Hollywood Style Jailbreak Gangster

 Police Arrests Hollywood Style Jailbreak Gangster

Police in France arrested on Wednesday a gangster who had been on the run for three months after a bold Hollywood-style helicopter jailbreak.
Masked police circled a public housing estate in the Oise region north of Paris in the early hours, nabbing 46-year-old Redoine Faid along with four other people in a raid on an apartment.
Guns were found in the house, while two other alleged accomplices were arrested during a double raid in the Paris region, sources said.
At around 3am, “I heard a racket,” said Alliou Diallo, who lives on the ground floor of the small building, three floors below the apartment where Faid was holed up.

“I saw around a hundred police wearing masks,” he said, adding of Faid: “I never thought he could be here.”

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe addressed the “meticulous” police work that led to the arrests, saying in a tweet that they had pulled off the high-stakes operation “without any clashes”
But another local resident, Farah Ziane, was less happy — the police originally stormed her grandfather’s apartment by mistake.

“They broke down my 86-year-old grandfather’s door, it’s shameful,” she said, as the elderly man stood next to her, looking completely lost.

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