Power Generation Peaks In Nigeria

 Power Generation Peaks In Nigeria

After hovering around 3,000 megawatts for about 10 weeks, the country’s total generated power crossed the 4,100MW
The country had attained a peak generation of 4,358.6MW on October 16, but this was not sustained as the figure dropped below 4,000MW and had been fluctuating around 3,000MW since October 20. However, industry data on Thursday showed that power generation peaked at 4,173.5MW on December 26, signaling a new high after recording less than 4,000MW for close to 10 weeks.
Further findings, however, showed that the major challenge to improved power generation was gas constraint, as figures from the sector revealed that on December 27, a total of 2,960MW of electricity was constrained as a result of gas supply hitches. Similarly, the power sector lost an estimated N1.64bn on December 27 this year due to diverse constraints in the industry.


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