Power Supply Now 2,905.70MW

 Power Supply Now 2,905.70MW

nepaThe Nigerian Electricity System Operator Tuesday said that it transmitted 2,905.70Mega Watts (MW) to the 11 electricity distribution companies across the country.
Being the arm of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) that allocates energy to the distribution companies, the operator said that it released 435.86MW to Ikeja, 334.16MW to Abuja, 319.65MW to Eko, 261.51MW to Benin, 261.51MW to Enugu, as Ibadan received 377.74, and Jos got 159.81MW.
Meanwhile, it allocated 232.46MW to Kano, 232.46 to Kaduna, 188.87 to Port Harcourt, and 101.70MW to Yola.
The System Operator’s website that made this disclosure Tuesday recalled that it on Monday attained a peak generation of 3778.90MW, low generation of 3,305.80MW.
It also noted that its highest frequency was51.28 Hz while lowest frequency was 48.83Hz.
Attempt to confirm what percentage of the allocation the distribution companies could send to their customers was unsuccessful as our Abuja correspondent could not reach the Head, Public Affairs Department, Dr. Usman Abba Arabi of the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on phone for response.
But speaking with the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company’s head of Public Relations & Media, Ahmed Shekarau, he revealed that the firm does not only exhaust all its allocation but it also exceeds it.
He said “we (Abuja Disco) distribute everything, Everyday, we distribute more than what is allocated to us.”
In a system report data for Tuesday that he made available to The Nation, the System Operator allocated a Multi-Year Tariff Order Load of 352.02MW to the ADEC while it distributed an average of 509.36MW.
The difference between the actual average distribution and the allocation was 157.33MW while it forecast an average distribution of 399.76 for Wednesday


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