President Temer survives corruption vote

 President Temer survives corruption vote

The President has been accused of receiving $12m (£9m) in bribes from the boss of a giant meatpacking firm, JBS. He has denied the allegation.
In the 513-seat chamber, 263 voted against the motion to send the president for trial and 227 voted in favour, well below the 342 needed for the motion to pass.
Mr Temer welcomed the vote as “clear and incontestable”and stated that with the support the lower house has given him, he will pass all the reforms that the country needs.
He vowed to complete his term of office, which ends in December 2018.
President Temer is currently approved by only 5% of the population, but still has the backing of political elites and businesses due to the economic reforms he is pursuing – and has so far managed to resist the political scandal. He became president last year following the impeachment of his predecessor, Dilma Rousseff.
WHO was found guilty of tampering with the government accounts in order to hide a growing deficit ahead of her re-election in 2014.


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