Reconstitution Of Interim Caretaker Committee For Auto Spare Parts & Machinery Dealers Association (Aspmda) In Compliance With Judgments Of The High Court Of Lagos State In Suit No. Ld/2588/tcm/18 And Court Of Appeal In Ca/l/2513/2018

  1. WHEREAS, owing to the buildup of tension and threat to security occasioned by the state of affairs in ASPMDA and to prevent a breach of law and order in the market, Mr. Governor, by a letter dated 3rd July 2020 signed by the Hon. Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, set up an Interim Caretaker Committee sometime in June 2020 with the mandate to immediately conduct elections for new Executive Officers of ASPMDA.

  1. WHEREAS, fifteen (15) months after constituting the Interim Caretaker Committee chaired by Sir. Sunday Igbanuzue, the said Committee has failed to conduct the elections for new Executive Officers of ASPMDA.

  1. Serious agitation and discontent about the current state of affairs of ASPMDA is threatening to lead to a breakdown of law and order, owing to the failure of the Interim Caretaker Committee to comply with the directives of Mr. Governor that elections be carried out within 30 days of their appointment.

  1. Consequently, Mr. Governor has directed the following:

  1. Immediate dissolution of the Interim Caretaker Committee constituted by the State Government sometime in June 2020, chaired by Sir. Sunday Igbanuzue.

  1. The reconstitution of another Interim Caretaker Committee comprising:
  2. Chief Anthony Ughagwu – Chairman
  3. Mr. Dozie Ezeugo – Secretary

                        iii. Mr. Jonah Aneke – Chief Security Officer (CSO)

To hold elections within 45 days of their appointment and the elections supervised by the State Government.

  1. The 45 days tenure of the reconstituted Interim Caretaker Committee shall not be extended.

  1. Mr. Governor has furthermore enjoined Law Enforcement Agencies to ensure peace and orderly conduct is maintained during the conduct of the elections.


Office of Hon. Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice

Ayomide Oyewole

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