A motion relating to population reduction policy in the country generated ripples among members of the House of Representatives .


The motion entitled: “Need for the Federal Government to Curb Population Explosion in Nigeria” sponsored by Hon. Babatunde Kolawole had intended to urge the federal government to introduce reduction policy on population as well as direct National Orientation Agency to educate Nigerians on family planning but its debate attracted religious sentiment.


Lawmakers mostly from the northern kicked against the motion. Among them where Hon. Balarabe Salame (Sokoto State, APC)on the reason that it attacks the Islamic religion. While Hon. Sani Abdul (Bauchi State, APC) expressed that population tells the strengtht of a nation and since the country has large land scape, the natural resources to carter for the populace, the motion was not Germaine.


The motion was however referred to the House Committees on Justice, Population, Rules and Business for further legislative input as ruled by Speaker Yakubu Dogara without throwing it open for voice vote.


Speaker Dogara before his decision on the floor had explained that the motion is looking at a policy on population in ensuring planning.

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