Ronke Shonde’s Death: Husband Instructed Nanny To Stay Away – Neighbour Discloses

 Ronke Shonde’s Death: Husband Instructed Nanny To Stay Away – Neighbour Discloses

unnamed (6)A man simply identified as Abu, a neighbour to the banker, Ronke Shonde who was allegedly beaten to death by her husband, Lekan Shone in Lagos state, says the husband may have planned killing his wife.
Although Abu noted that from his discussion with Lekan before the incident, he didn’t believe he would have perpetrated the act, he wondered why Lekan would have instructed their nanny to be absent from work on the same day the incident happened.
Speaking with Vanguard, Abu said, “Since the family moved into this community, we have not had any reason to settle any differences between them.
“Because of their tight schedules, they employed the service of a nanny who resumes by 6 amdaily, to prepare their children for school and also attends to their needs after they return from school.
“But little wonder why the nanny told us that on the day in question that Lekan called her and instructed that she should not come as usual, that the children would not be going to school that day; meanwhile, it was a school day.
“The circumstance surrounding this ugly situation is a mystery to everyone; this is because I never saw them engaged in a fight
“It was the screaming of the children who saw their mother lying on the floor that alerted everyone. And we could not gain entrance into the apartment for hours because the burglary was locked.
“When a call was put through to her husband (Lekan) he instructed us to break the key.
After several attempts we gained entrance, only to discover the lifeless body of his wife on the floor,” the neighbour added.
“The couple moved into the building three years ago.
“Lekan usually leaves home during the week at about 5a.m. and returns at 8p.m and he was always seen with a polythene bag containing items for his wife and two kids.
“I don’t know the church the husband attends, but I know that he often wore white garment, but I can confidently say that his wife attended RCCG, maybe he attended a white garment church.
Preliminary investigations by the police have, however, revealed that there were marks of violence on the deceased face.
It would be recalled that Lekan on Sunday, spoke from hiding, disclosing that his wife was adulterous and boasted to him how she slept with a man in Abuja.


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