Terror Plot: Germany Reviews Asylum Cases

 Terror Plot: Germany Reviews Asylum Cases

The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is reviewing some 2,000 asylum cases, amid far-right terror plot scandal, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.

The ministry said that decision was taken after revelations that a suspected right-wing extremist army officer posing as a refugee was granted asylum in the country.

It said that the BAMF is reviewing the cases in order to find out whether there are systemic problems such as inadequate background checks and screening.

“The decision to grant asylum to Franco A. a lieutenant stationed in France who successfully registered as a refugee in Germany despite speaking no Arabic was a “flagrant error.

“That is not allowed to happen.

“The asylum cases that are being reviewed include 1,000 Afghans and 1,000 Syrians who were granted permission to stay in Germany between Jan. 1 and April 27, 2016,’’ the ministry spokesman Johannes Dimroth said.

The controversy started a week ago with the arrest of Franco A, a 28-year-old army lieutenant who created a fake identity as Syrian refugee named “David Benjamin,” allegedly in order to plan terrorist attacks.

Defence Minister Ursula Leyen has come under fire after it emerged that information about far-right sentiment in the Bundeswehr’s ranks had not reached her ministry.

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