Texas Abortions resume after Court Ruling despite Legal Fears

 Texas Abortions resume after Court Ruling despite Legal Fears

Some Texas abortion clinics have reopened amid fears that a legal ruling which halted the state’s near-total abortion ban may be short-lived.

Other clinics have reported that concerns over lawsuits have prevented them from reopening.

On Wednesday, a US judge temporarily blocked the new law, which effectively bans women from having an abortion.

Texas officials appealed against the ruling, setting the stage for further court battles in the coming months.

Abortion care provider Whole Woman’s Health, which runs four clinics across Texas, said it had already resumed offering abortion care on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Amy Hagstrom Miller, the firm’s founder, said there had been an immediate spike in inquiries from patients seeking abortions in the wake of the judge’s decision.

“Phone call volume has increased. There’s actually hope from patients and staff,” she said. “There’s a little desperation in that hope. Folks know this opportunity could be short-lived.”

District Judge Robert Pittman’s 113-page ruling¬†earlier this week¬†granted a request from the Biden administration to prevent enforcement of the law while its legality was being challenged.

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