Two Day Workshop Organised For Small Scale Enterprises

 Two Day Workshop Organised For Small Scale Enterprises

scale enterprisesThe need for the establishment of more small and medium scale enterprises has been re-emphasized for better economic development.

This formed part of the discourse at a two-day strategic workshop organized by the ministry of wealth creation and employment.
It was an interactive session as stakeholders converged at the instance  of the Lagos state ministry of wealth creation and employment  to brainstorm on how to proffer  solutions  to issues facing Micro, Small and Medium scale enterprises in the state.
The facilitator stated that different industries have different challenges,hence the  gathering.
Some of the participants highlight what they have learnt and as well advocate more government involvement to help small businesses thrive in the country.
At the end of the two-day training,stakeholders will reach an agreement and come up with a position to be presented to the lagos state government for further action.

Mariam Harun

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