UEFA Champions League group stage draw

 UEFA Champions League group stage draw

The 2023–24 UEFA Champions League will soon come into focus after a summer packed with thrilling football excitement.

The group stage draw will take place on August 31, 2023, and the greatest teams from the main European leagues will begin their quest for the top continental trophy after that.

European powerhouses Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Barcelona will all be anticipating the draw and eager to see who they will face in the group stages. After securing their berths last season, newcomers Newcastle United, Lens, and Union Berlin will also be looking forward to their European experience.

A total of 32 teams from four pots of eight will be drawn into a total of eight groups of four teams each at the Champions League draw event.

Prior to the 2023–24 season, the majority of the qualified teams will learn which pot they have been assigned to for the group stage draw of the Champions League.

Manchester City, the champions after their 1-0 victory against Inter Milan in the championship game, along with Europa League champion Sevilla, have been placed in Pot 1. The other teams in the top pot are the winners of the top six leagues in Europe as determined by the UEFA coefficient, although Dutch champions Feyenoord, who represent the seventh-placed association, are also elevated to Pot 1 as a result of Manchester City’s Premier League victory.

With five clubs who have already won the Champions League, the second pot is very fascinating. Real Madrid, a 14-time champion, and Manchester United and Inter, each three-time champions, are represented. Teams from the remaining pots are chosen using the UEFA coefficient score.

Real Sociedad, Celtic, and Newcastle are the only already-qualified clubs who have not yet received their pot assignments while they wait for other teams to qualify via the playoff round since the final two pots have openings that will be filled when the qualifying rounds are finished.

Due to their lack of Champions League experience, Union Berlin and Lens are the only two clubs who have already been assigned to Pot 4.

The group stage draw for the 2023–24 Champions League will be webcast live on the UEFA website.

The group stage draw for the 2023–24 Champions League is going to be quite intriguing. The group round will be a fantastic opportunity for the top teams that are seeking for spots in the tournament to demonstrate their abilities and battle for the trophy.

On September 19, the Champions League group stage begins. The final will take place the following year on June 1 at Wembley Stadium in London.

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