The continuing coup attempt has been vehemently denounced by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as a way of resolving the post-election turmoil in Gabon.

This information was revealed by UN Spokesperson Stephanie Dujarric at a press briefing on Wednesday at UN headquarters in New York.

According to allegations in the local media, Gabonese military soldiers have invalidated election results and disbanded governmental institutions after claiming to have seized power.

The sources said that the borders of the African nation are blocked until further notice and mentioned that shooting was reported in Libreville, the capital.

The results of the general election, according to the officers, were thrown out because they were not trustworthy.

Prior to the incident, the national electoral board of Gabon declared that the country’s president, Ali Bongo Ondimba, of the governing Gabonese Democratic Party, had won a third term.

“The secretary-general is keeping a careful eye on how events are developing in Gabon.

Dujarric stated that the man “notes with deep concern the announcement of the election results amid reports of serious violations of fundamental freedoms.”

The secretary-general reiterated his vehement opposition to military coups, according to the spokesperson.

The secretary-general appeals to all parties to act with caution, have meaningful and inclusive dialogues, and make sure that the law and human rights are completely upheld.

He further requests that the national army and security forces ensure the President of the Republic and his family’s bodily integrity.

He claims that the United Nations supports the Gabonese people.

At a news conference, Dujarric responded to a question on how to stop military coups from spreading to countries in Africa by saying that the best course of action is to prevent them.

“Investing more in building strong institutions and making sure elections are secure is the best approach to deal with it, in my opinion.

“Also, that individuals have the freedom to express themselves and that their human rights be upheld. The best cure is that.

“There is then a need to strongly condemn military coup,” he stated.

According to him, the UN employs 163 national employees and 81 foreign employees in the nation, and the most recent information indicated that everyone on staff, including their families, was secure.

Our main concern is for the people of Gabon and other nations that have lately seen military coups, which are obviously a violation of their citizens’ rights.



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