US-North Korea Talks In New York ‘Very Positive’ – Trump

 US-North Korea Talks In New York ‘Very Positive’ – Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that a denuclearisation deal with Pyongyang might require more than one meeting, as he indicated “very positive” progress in talks between US and North Korean officials in New York.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met top North Korean official Kim Yong-chol for a second day on Thursday. Following the meeting, Pompeo told reporters that their talks “are moving in the right direction”.

But when pressed if the planned summit in Singapore would proceed on June 12, Pompeo said: “I don’t know the answer to that.”

Earlier, Trump told reporters that the meetings are “very positive”.

“I look forward to receiving the letter,” Trump added, referring to a letter from Kim Jong-un that is expected to be delivered to him on Friday.

Trump also said that it may take multiple meetings between the two leaders to come up with a denuclearisation deal.


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