Violence Does Not Select Victims – VP

 Violence Does Not Select Victims – VP

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Sunday held a town hall meeting with US based Nigerians in Minnesota, Minneapolis where he said violence does not differentiate victims.

He entertained questions and interacted with the people on various subjects of interests and concerns.

Osinbajo said at the meeting: “When a bomb goes off in the market, it doesn’t stop to ask, ‘Are you a Christian or a Muslim?”

… When famine is spreading, hunger doesn’t ask if you’re from the northern or southern part of the country. These are all of our problems.”

Osinbajo also spoke on the menace of human trafficking and the programme for the rehabilitation of survivors.

Osinbajo also spoke on the efforts to rid the country of corruption, unemployment and provision of infrastructure as well as the social welfare programmes.

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