Washington Capitals Slay The Golden Knights To Win Stanley Cup & Fans Rejoice Over Epic Win

 Washington Capitals Slay The Golden Knights To Win Stanley Cup & Fans Rejoice Over Epic Win

It’s a sight no one ever thought would ever happen: the beleaguered Washington Capitals raising the Stanley Cup in victory. The team, who seemed cursed to be eliminated in the second round of the NHL playoffs, advanced to final and defeated the shockingly good Vegas Golden Knights for the championship. The Caps capped off this incredible run on June 7, defeating the Knights in Game 5 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas by a score of 4-3. The tight game saw a scoreless first period before Vegas jumped out into the lead. But by the third period, the Caps came back to dominate and star Alex Ovechkin, 32, finally got to hold the Stanley Cup above his head for the first time in his 13 year career with the team. The end of the game saw tons of drama including a stuck clock at the 1 minute mark and Vegas ending up with an empty net for the final two minutes of action.

Needless to say, fans in D.C. were thrilled. The Caps did what the Washington RedskinsWashington Wizards and Washington Nationals could not: bring a national sports championship to the District of Columbia. Those fans who were not flooding the streets in the nation’s capital were busy freaking out online, sharing their joy at seeing something that none really thought would ever happen.

One way or another, a franchise was going to win the Stanley Cup for the first time. The Vegas Golden Knights made it to the finals in their inaugural year, as this expansion team was the Cinderella story of the season. Not only did they skate their way to the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, they slayed the competition. They swept the LA Kings, made filets of the San Jose Sharks and grounded the Winnipeg Jets. While the Knights didn’t win the cup, they may skate away as hometown heroes, having won the hearts of fans in Sin City. The citizens of Vegas have embraced the Golden Knights, welcoming the team once dubbed the “Golden Misfits” with open arms. While many folks were on Vegas’ side to make history, NHL fans were so happy Ovi and his Caps finally got their cup.

“The 44 year wait is over for #capitals fans. Thrilled for #Ovechkin as one of the best players of his era now gets to finally hoist Lord Stanley,” one fan wrote while another noted, “Nothing is cuter than Alex Ovechkin celebrating right now.” Another wrote, “The #Capitals have done it!!! Ovechkin deserves this one!” Really, he’s such a legend and wanted the Stanley Cup so badly for so many years that every NHL fan — even those of the Golden Knights — had to be thrilled for Ovi that he finally has a championship. When he hoisted the cup above his head and skated around the ice, even the fans in Vegas gave him a huge standing ovation with wild cheering. Congratulations to all.

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