Women Rally For Peace In Lagos State

 Women Rally For Peace In Lagos State

rally for peace
The current unrest experienced in some parts of the country is generating great concern. One of such is from a non governmental organisation which organised an all women rally for peace in ikorodu.
Ikorodu bureau correspondent Tundun Yusuff reports.

Concerned and saddened about the killings and maiming going on in some parts of the country,a non govermental organisation “own women now” held an all women rally in ikorodu to emphasise the need to promote peace in the country.

All Clad in black attires the group said the rally is to serve as a voice for nigerian women who are concerned about civil unrest across the country.
Also encouraging other women to speak out and fight for their rights,they said that the only way their voice can be heard is to obtain their permanent voter cards.
The rally started from ikorodu townhall to other parts of the town ,with organisers emphasising they will continue in other parts of the country until their voices are heard.

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